- myITTickets.com , Ticket Management service.

myITTickets.com Ticket Management service is a web based service designed to facilitate the tracking and distribution of Service Requests between the end users and the Information Technology Department.  This service has been designed to be a simple straightforward web based interface that is simple and easy to use from any computer or internet connected mobile device, while providing e-mail communication between the users and technicians helping them is simple and obvious, also the database has been setup to make it very easy for the users, technicians and administrator to easily track and identify late help requests.

Your company's administrator (for this service) will 'sign up' your company and will then be responsible to setup users for your company. Your company administrator will have access to setting up the users, technicians and locations, and managing the reports and users. While the users will be able to add 'Help Tickets' and see the status of their respective requests and the technicians will be able to see and manage help requests (tickets) that have been assigned to them by the administrator.


You may sign up your company and try the service for the first 28 days, after that payment will have to be made in order to keep using the service. (You will be able to login and work on existing tickets, but adding new tickets will be disabled).